Our philosophy – our opinion

The most renowned mouthpiece models which are produced in our atelier, are those of the trumpet-series G, which has become the standard for our Viennese orchestras. Many top musicians influenced the shape of these mouthpieces, until models like G1, G2, etc. obtained their typical, individual shape. In this regard, we inevitably see ourselves confronted with the question:

Can a mouthpiece be further improved?

In my opinion, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ mouthpieces – there is only the usage of suitable and unsuitable mouthpieces. Apart from cheap products, which should mostly be compatible with a newly purchased instrument, most mouthpieces are designed with competent musicians, who, with their contribution, try to realise their concrete ideas regarding the sound of the instrument.
It is, however, critical how precisely those drafts can be realised and re-produced in the future.
Just as every country has its language and every region has its distinctive characteristics, which manifest themselves in individuals, instruments and mouthpieces show features, which attempt to correspond to this mentality.

The Wiener Klangstil is a term which, in this context, brought world-wide appreciation and admiration to our orchestras and musicians.

My mouthpieces are meant to make their own contribution to the maintenance and preservation of this sound style. My aim will also be to co-create and pass on this style. The manifold requirements for musicians and the continuous strive for even more differentiated expression in the play has to be acknowledged by a responsible producer of instruments and mouthpieces. This is why I try to facilitate the musicians’ difficult task by continuously developing my products further.

The musician should be able to choose a mouthpiece which enables him to be as flexible as possible in the attainment of his/her own timbre, style and well-being. I believe that the development of multi-part mouthpieces represents a significant contribution of mine to the achievement of those goals. Within my research project “The Viennese mouthpiece”, many mouthpieces were tested with regard to their characteristics. The results influenced the development of new shapes, which, within the module system, can now be combined with traditional products. The standard series G was, according to renowned musicians, also further improved. New developments round off the programme and keep it up to date.

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