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Naturally, Karl Breslmair also produces individual mouthpieces, tailored to your very own needs, demands and preferences. The possibilities with regards to custom-made products are many and range from one-piece mouthpieces to three-piece mouthpieces and specially made rims. Here you find initial information to help you with the search for your personalised mouthpiece.

Breslmair for Flügelhörner

An exceptional harmony is achieved when this legato instrument is combined with vocals, which, however, should not be interfered by the trumpet-like acoustic pattern. The flugelhorn should subordinate to the human voice and contribute to highlight it.  The trumpet-like sound should shine bright and the flugelhorn should provide a contrast to it with softness and the breadth of its sound.

Often, trumpet mouthpieces are used for flugelhorns, which, however, do not meet the requirements laid out by the bore of the instrument or its intended sound. As far as the mouthpiece is concerned, one should distinguish between the German flugelhorn with rotary valves and the flugelhorn with perinet valves. In contrast to perinet-trumpets, the drill of the mouthpiece should be bigger for this than one for the rotary valves-system.

Most of the time, perinet-flugelhorns are used for Jazz or modern music and the intended sound is mostly dark and husky (groovy – earthy).

My recommendation is to choose the drill for the flugelhorn with rotary valves at 3.8mm on average. A drill, which exceeds 4.0mm makes the sound dark and voluminous, which is suitable for playing songs and Weisen. The choice of a drill smaller than 3.6mm is not advisable for this instrument. This is because the tone would become far too glary and biting.

This is true when the cup of the mouthpiece is deeper than the cup of a very deep trumpet mouthpiece and when the cup is rather V-shaped.

For flugelhorns, the stem drill is wider than the stem drill of a trumpet mouthpiece, due to its general construction.

For German flugelhorns, the width of the mouth pipe is 11.3mm, for French, American or YAMAHA flugelhorns 10.3mm. Despite their rotary valves, Czech flugelhorns sometimes have a rather small mouth pipe width of 10.3mm. Therefore, the drill is chosen according to the size of the shank or according to the wishes of the customer, in order to contribute to the realisation of a certain intended sound.

Flugelhorn mouthpieces

Name Model Depth Drill
F9 G3F S 3,7
F8 G2F M 3,8
F7 GlP MT 3,8
F6 G I F MT 3,8
F5 F5 MT 3,9
F4 G 12F MT 3,8
F3 38 T 3,8
F2 G1 1F T 3,9
F I 42 TT 4,2
FO 43 TT 4,3

All models are exclusively offered in the form of cup/stem-modules (flugelhorn – subpart), which makes the use of all rims form the trumpet module system possible. The cup depth of the flugelhorn mouthpieces is too variable to offer those in a three-piece form (rim/cup/stem).

The position of the flugelhorn cups to each other.

So, which Breslmair do you play with?

The way to your desired mouthpiece begins here. Conceptualise your personalised ‘Breslmair’ yourself. Choose the rim, the cup shape, the shank as well as the stem according to your needs. Karl Breslmair personally takes care of your wishes, no matter whether you desire individual rims or an identical replicate your old, perhaps even historical mouthpiece. Concerning your specific wishes, you can contact us via our contact form.

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