Individual mouthpiececs

Naturally, Karl Breslmair also produces individual mouthpieces, tailored to your very own needs, demands and preferences. The possibilities with regards to custom-made products are many and range from one-piece mouthpieces to three-piece mouthpieces and specially made rims. Here you find initial information to help you with the search for your personalised mouthpiece.

Breslmair for horns

Horn mouthpiececs are given with labels which indicate the width of the bell (at 1.3mm) and the depth according to the table. (1 corresponds to shallow, 6 would indicate great depth)

The digit preceding this label indicates the rim shape.

Rim shape 1: round, slim contour Rim shape 2: broad, flat contour Rim shape 3: broad, round contour

Example: 2D3 corresponds to rim shape 2, width 17.0mm (D), depth (medium-depth, drill 0 4.3)

1/4.0 * * *
2/4.0 * *
3/4.3 * * * * * * * * *
4/4.3 * * * * * * * *
5/4.5 * * * * *
6/4.6 * * * *

Breslmair for horns

All horn mouthpieces are offered with two different shaft-drills. (Additional imprint with the model label) „S“ conical, German drill (according to T. Sakaino, standard) “B”- corresponds to the Viennese drill (if requested) The widths A, B and C are construed for rather high horns. Due to a tight bell-width, plays in high registers can be supported. The required lip tension is more likely to be achieved with this bore, an early fatigue due to strained tension and inevitable squeezing is avoided. The widths C, D and E are the most common widths. Enough space is provided for the lips, the cup depths 3 and 4 provide an excellent quality of tone for professional as well as for hobby musicians. Through the reflection on sound culture, great widths are requested again. Models belonging to the product lines G, H, I and J combine a good fit with a stylish sound.

These rim shapes partly originate from old, established rims and partly from rims which have been modified and improved in collaboration with highly qualified musicians over a long period.

The cup

The position of the various cup depths is indicated in the following illustration.

The width of all cups (e.g.: 18,22 mm, type H) is measured at 1,3 mm rim inwards.

So, which Breslmair do you play with?

  • HR1


    Your loyal companion for playing in an ordinary brass-band or for playing in a sophisticated orchestra.

    Persistent auditory joy throughout the complete range of brass instruments is the distinctive characteristic of the well-balanced mouthpieces produced in Breslmair’s atelier.

    Coming soon…

    incl. 20% VAT

  • HR2


    Karl’s masterpiece for your Horn.

    For more than 50 years, we have continuously developed our mouthpieces further. Hundreds of first-class brass musicians have influenced our products throughout the decades. Beside our own dedication to most demanding requirements, those factors helped to create something extraordinary – our masterpieces with a real golden alloy.

    An enchantingly instant response, particularly in lower tone ranges, characterises this masterpiece

    Coming Soon…

    incl. 20% VAT

  • HR3


    Breslmair’s excellency for your Horn.

    The TR3 is the first choice for soloists erster Besetzungen and for talented masters of their craft. As well as for those, who strive to become such.

    An impressive clear tone with high precision – even in the highest sound pitches.

    Comming soon…

    incl. 20% VAT

The way to your desired mouthpiece begins here. Conceptualise your personalised ‘Breslmair’ yourself. Choose the rim, the cup shape, the shank as well as the stem according to your needs. Karl Breslmair personally takes care of your wishes, no matter whether you desire individual rims or an identical replicate your old, perhaps even historical mouthpiece. Concerning your specific wishes, you can contact us via our contact form.

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