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Naturally, Karl Breslmair also produces individual mouthpieces, tailored to your very own needs, demands and preferences. The possibilities with regards to custom-made products are many and range from one-piece mouthpieces to three-piece mouthpieces and specially made rims. Here you find initial information to help you with the search for your personalised mouthpiece.

Breslmair for trombones

Trombone mouthpieces 3-piece module system rims:

We offer three rim shapes made of different material, according to the respective bell size.

  • Brass (silver-plated od. gold-plated)
  • Plastic (white, food-safe)
  • Polymer-wood (patent)
rim A: Flat rim shape. (e.g..: A50 for cups with 50 as the last digit)
rim B: Steeply incliding to the outside (e.g.: B58 for cups with 58 as the last digit)
rim C: Mild inner edge, rather steeply inclining to the outside (z.B.: C45 for cup Nr. 145)

Breslmair for trombones

Cup: The first digit indicates the number of the cup, the last two digits indicate the size of the cup. (e.g.: Cup 154 equals a bell width of 25.4mm) Within the module system, the size of the cup/stem drill is consistently 6.0mm (if desired, the size of the drills can be expanded), models which show a letter in the first instance (Y, C, etc.) are included in the table and require special shanks.

40 45 50 52 54 55 56 58 60
deep 140 145 150 154 156 158 160
Y2 Y2 Y2
medium 240 245 250 Y15 6.7 254 256 258 260
Y25 6.5
C25 6.5 Y1 6.7 Y1 6.7
Y15 6.7 Y15 6.7
flat 340 345 350 354 356 358 360


For every instrument, it is important to select the suitable shank. The distance between the upper-edge of the rim and the leadpipe should account for a length between 45 mm and 55 mm. For older models, two different drills were offered (A, tight, as well as B, wide). Stem drill A was removed from the product line.

Size 1: 12.0mm Alto trombone, Bassflügelhorn
Size 2: 12.3mm Tenor trombone, tenorhorn, Lätzsch 2, (standard small)
Size 3: 12.5mm Tenorhorn, baritone
Size 4: 13.0mm Baritone, Lätzsch 3
Size 5: 13.3mm Old-Viennese baritone, Yamaha tenorhorn
Size 6: 14.0mm Trombone with wide shank, (standard large)

The diversity of variation possibilities do not allow for a precise allocation to a special instrument type. Every musician can and should select a mouthpiece according to his/her individual needs. We continuously work on improvements and further developments and I am always open for inspiration from or constructive criticism by other musicians.

Despite the clear advantages, not all musicians are keen on the module system or find it necessary to keep their mouthpiece variable. This is why we offer trombone mouthpieces in the form of two-piece models. For those, cup and stem (shank) form a unity (subpart).

Classifications of models

Bell width 23-24 24-25 25-26 26-27 27-28 28-29
Alto/tenor trombone
Bass trombone

Model overview – complete mouthpieces

Model Rim shape Inside 0 Outside 0 Depth Drill 0
650 6 25,31 39,351 M 6
P1A P 25,337 39,3 S 5,5
P2 P 25,337 39,3 M 5,8
PI P 25,337 39,3 NT 6
612 612 25,392 39,261 NT 6,6
Y5 5G 25,392 38,953 T 7,1
SP S 25,435 39,106 M 5,9
P11 11 25,543 38,31 NT 6
Y4 4G 25,679 39,431 TT 7
2 2 25,737 39,732 T 6,2
1 1 25,823 39,8 NT 6
3 1 25,823 39,8 TT 7,3
J1 K 27,11 38,713 NT 6
212 K 28 39,604 TT 7
J3 K 28,196 39,8 T 7,45
112 K 28,396 40 TT 7

The model designations are a result of their development. At the basis of nearly every model are the ideas and personal wishes of an excellent musician. Most of the suggestions for the further development of the trombone mouthpieces came from Prof. Hans Pöttler, for which I want to express my gratitude. The majority of the models, however, were designed by my father. I re-measured and modified those models, which is why they became reproducible with such high precision as they are now. I would also like to thank Mr. Prof. Peter Jakelj, whose suggestions influenced the design of the bass trombone mouthpieces.
The distinction of bell widths and their allocation to instrument types only provides a rough orientation for the selection process, in which, clearly, the musician’s purposes and demands should play the major role.

So, which Breslmair do you play with?

  • TN1


    Your loyal companion for playing in an ordinary brass-band or for playing in a sophisticated orchestra.
    Persistent auditory joy throughout the complete range of brass instruments is the distinctive characteristic of the well-balanced mouthpieces produced in Breslmair’s atelier.


    • Single mouthpiece
    • Rim shape: Y4
    • Highest point: 36,844 mm
    • Outer diameter: 44,688 mm
    • Nominal diameter: 25,68 mm
    • Depth: S
    • Drill: 6,60 mm
  • TN2


    Karl’s masterpiece for your Trombone
    For more than 50 years, we have continuously developed our mouthpieces further. Hundreds of first-class brass musicians have influenced our products throughout the decades. Beside our own dedication to most demanding requirements, those factors helped to create something extraordinary – our masterpieces with a real golden alloy.

    An enchantingly instant response, particularly in lower tone ranges, characterises this masterpiece.


    • Single mouthpiece
    • Rim shape: BH
    • Highest point: 38,189 mm
    • Outer diameter: 47,752 mm
    • Nominal diameter: 25,70 mm
    • Depth: M
    • Drill: 6,80 mm
  • TN3


    Breslmair’s excellency for your Trombone.
    The TN3 is the first choice for soloists erster Besetzungen and for talented masters of their craft. As well as for those, who strive to become such.

    An impressive clear tone with high precision – even in the highest sound pitches.


    • Single mouthpiece
    • Rim shape: BH
    • Highest point: 39,189 mm
    • Outer diameter: 48,752 mm
    • Nominal diameter: 26,10 mm
    • Depth: T
    • Drill: 7,20 mm

The way to your desired mouthpiece begins here. Conceptualise your personalised ‘Breslmair’ yourself. Choose the rim, the cup shape, the shank as well as the stem according to your needs. Karl Breslmair personally takes care of your wishes, no matter whether you desire individual rims or an identical replicate your old, perhaps even historical mouthpiece. Concerning your specific wishes, you can contact us via our contact form.

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