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Naturally, Karl Breslmair also produces individual mouthpieces, tailored to your very own needs, demands and preferences. The possibilities with regards to custom-made products are many and range from one-piece mouthpieces to three-piece mouthpieces and specially made rims. Here you find initial information to help you with the search for your personalised mouthpiece.

Breslmair for tuba

The tuba has had a 150-year long tradition in the Viennese orchestra.
Apparently, in Viennese orchestras time passes more slowly, which would explain that during 100 years (1845-1945), tubists in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra were exclusively German. Those tubists almost exclusively used the “Viennese tuba” (six-valve concert tuba in F, bass tuba) and, just like the Viennese horn, contributed to the distinctive sound of the Viennese orchestras (Viennese sound style).

I owe my expertise in this regard to Mr. Mag. Gerhard Zechmeister 1), student of Prof. Leopold Kolar (former member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), who strongly promotes the continuation of this tradition, a tradition which is threatened by the dedication of foreign tubists and the use of the standard tuba. Mr. Josef Hummel (last Viennese tubist) took early retirement in 1995. As a consequence, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra had to do without the merits of the Viennese tuba for the first time in 150 years.
A mouthpiece series which is based on the origins of this Viennese tradition is supposed to be my very own contribution to this subject-matter. Even if it is the case that no Viennese tuba will be played with those mouthpieces, it is their sound culture which, for me, is most important and which we wish to examine further.
Individual Breslmairs for tubas

Individual Breslmairs for tubas

This table informs about the current model range.

Letters in the first position refer to the bell width (measured at 2.0mm rim inwards).

The digit in the second position in combination with the letter in the third position gives information about the cup shape, the drill and the cup depth.

Cup width
30.0 mm
31.0 mm
32.0 mm
32.6 mm
33.2 mm
regular / 7.3 mm 3 3 3 3
medium / 8.0 mm 3A 3A 3A 3A
deep / 8.5 mm 3B 3B 3B 3B 3B
deep / 8.827 mm 4

Unser Goldstück unter den Tubamundstücken:

Mouthpieces for Viennese tubas

Type of mouthpiece Bell width Drill size Cup shape Comment
Z1 32,341 8,000 CV Traditional Viennese tuba-sound
For solistic play, for chamber music and for orchestra playing;
instant response
Z11 32,395 8,064 CV
Z2 32,954 8,113 C Fundamental sound for large orchestras and chamber music, also suitable for solistic tasks
Z22 33,016 8,113 C
Z3 32,022 8,113 V Deep cup, V-shaped, for widely scaled tubas, which, therefore, have a very direct sound
Z33 32,147 8,113 V
Z4 32,656 8,827 C B-contrabass mouthpiece for Richard Wagner’s work
Voluminous fundamental tone
Z44 32,811 8,928 C

The models with two digits are mouthpieces with a rim according to Mag. Zechmeister (rounder, slimmer).

Cup shape

The following illustration depicts the cup shapes of the model series Z (Viennese tuba) with a standard rim (3)

Double-digits indicate that the mouthpiece has a rim shape according to Mag. Zechmeister (rounder).

Breslmair Tubamundstück

An old tuba mouthpiece which was produced in our atelier and has distinctively good sound characteristics (No. 3) was used as a model for those well-constructed products.

This product line was inspired by the experience of the tubists Josef Mayerhofer and Mag. Gerhard Zechmeister.
The following illustration shows cup shapes of the broadest model series. Nr. G3

Altes Breslmair Tubamundstück

So, which Breslmair do you play with?

  • TB1


    Your loyal companion for playing in an ordinary brass-band or for playing in a sophisticated orchestra.

    Persistent auditory joy throughout the complete range of brass instruments is the distinctive characteristic of the well-balanced mouthpieces produced in Breslmair’s atelier.


    Single mouthpiece
    Rim shape: R
    Highest point: 36,844 mm
    Outer diameter: 44,688 mm
    Nominal diameter: 31,5 mm
    Cup depth: A12
    Drill: 7,30 mm
    Stem: TB1
    Stem size: tight

    incl. 20% VAT

  • TB2


    Karl’s masterpiece for your Tuba
    For more than 50 years, we have continuously developed our mouthpieces further. Hundreds of first-class brass musicians have influenced our products throughout the decades. Beside our own dedication to most demanding requirements, those factors helped to create something extraordinary – our masterpieces with a real golden alloy.

    An enchantingly instant response, particularly in lower tone ranges, characterises this masterpiece


    • Single mouthpiece
    • Rim shape: L
    • Highest point: 36,189 mm
    • Outer diameter: 44,688 mm
    • Nominal diameter: 32,5 mm
    • Cup: B4
    • Cup depth: 44,04 mm
    • Drill: 8,20 mm
    • Stem: TB2
    • Stem size: medium

    incl. 20% VAT

  • TB3


    Breslmair’s excellency for your Tuba.

    The TB3 is the first choice for soloists erster Besetzungen and for talented masters of their craft. As well as for those, who strive to become such.

    An impressive clear tone with high precision – even in the highest sound pitches.


    • Single mouthpiece
    • Rim shape: L
    • Highest point: 39,189 mm
    • Outer diameter: 48,752 mm
    • Nominal diameter: 33,5 mm
    • Cup: TB3
    • Cup depth: 47,05 mm
    • Drill: 8,80 mm
    • Stem: TB3
    • Stem size: wide

    incl. 20% VAT

The way to your desired mouthpiece begins here. Conceptualise your personalised ‘Breslmair’ yourself. Choose the rim, the cup shape, the shank as well as the stem according to your needs. Karl Breslmair personally takes care of your wishes, no matter whether you desire individual rims or an identical replicate your old, perhaps even historical mouthpiece. Concerning your specific wishes, you can contact us via our contact form.

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